Game App

Mad Labs

With so many Murder Mystery games and themes in the market, I wanted to make personalized digital experience while still having the original fun and dressing up. I wanted to take a more intuitive approach with removing the old analog pen and paper medium. Since everyone is mostly using their devices to interact with everyone, I would take that same idea and apply it to a fun game with friends.

Individuals would browse the assortment of games in the app. They would then select the package, number of players and purchase it to play. Afterwards, the “Host” would send out the invites to friends and be able to set up their characters for the game. Once the game begins, a special algorithm would randomize the Murderer so that different backstories would be generated and have multiple replayable experiences. The players would be able to interact with other guests while completing objectives, bribing individuals, and ultimately find out who the murderer is. At the end of it all, players will be rewarded with prizes and trophies based on their achievements.

Client: Mad Labs
Category: Design, UI, App
UI Design